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Dental Treatment Prices


Price £

Examination (Adults)£25
Examination (Children)£20
X-ray (if needed)£10
Emergency Examination£25
Fillings£100-£150 (depending on material and size)
Composite Bond Up£150 per tooth
Extractions£90-£200 (depends on complexity)
Crowns£395-£600 (depending on material)
Porcelain Veneers£500
Implants (fully restored)£2000 per tooth
Root Canal Treatment (single rooted canal)£350
Root Canals (teeth with double canals)£450
Molars Root Canals£600-£750 (depending on the number of canals and complexities)
Braces or Invisalign£1500 per arch
DenturesFrom £395 (depending on the number of missing teeth and the base material)
Sedation (Intravenous)£250
CBCT (Jaw Bone Scan)£100
Panoramic OPG£50
Children’s Milk Teeth Fillings£65
Children’s Milk Teeth Extractions£65 per tooth
  • 42 High Street, Brandon IP27 0AQ, United Kingdom